******** DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH AT&T *************

1. Bait and switch tactics being employed!

I am a new customer, forced to use AT&T's crappy DSL service because our apartment building doesn't allow Time Warner Cable or any other cable-modem type internet. We can't even have U-Verse there. So I *attempted* to sign up for AT&T's "Elite DSL 6mb" service, which is "offered" on their website for $19.95 a month with "no commitments".... Looks pretty "clear" to me:

Notice they are offering the $19.95 per month for 6 months "WITHOUT HOME PHONE"... really now?

Then why when I got to the CHECKOUT did the price suddenly JUMP to $34.95??? With NO explination as to why? Well we ended up calling and they claimed we had to ORDER A HOME PHONE LINE to get the $19.95 price. Really now assholes? According to the ABOVE and everything on THEIR OWN SITE I can get the $19.95 WITHOUT A HOME PHONE!! Talk about ILLEGAL BAIT AND SWITCH!

When I started to argue about the price and that $19.95 was clearly posted on the site "without a home phone" they got really snippy with me and told me that I must "not be on AT&T's website", I told them I was (as you can see above), then they started claiming I didn't know what I was talking about and must have mis-read. I don't know about you, but I CAN READ JUST FINE THANK YOU. Then another rep when I called the next day told me the price would be $19.95 then put me on hold and came back and told me the price was $34.95. When I asked her why she lied about the first price she told me "That promotion is not available in my area". REALLY now? I thought this was a NATION WIDE SITE. And why do they KEEP CHANGING THEIR STORY EVERY 5 MINUTES??? These people are LIARS with no morals!

2. It shouldn't take over 3 hours to get new (basic) DSL service to get setup over the phone!

These people farked up EVERY SINGLE POINT when it came to our order. I was starting to feel as if I was being punked or they were purposely trying to piss me off or something. It was that much of a hastle. We first submitted our order online (My husband did it under his name), then they send us an email with our supposed "order number" telling us we need to call in because our order didn't go thru for some reason. The order number they gave us was INVALID! They made it up or something because no one could find it in the system, the phone system didn't recognize it, etc. So where the hell did they get it from?

I called back the next day when they were open and spent over an hour on the phone before they figured out it was some sort of credit-check issue and they needed permssion to run a credit check or something? Never quite got the whole story. I ended up with an idiot by the name of "Tammy Alexander", I gave her all of my information and mentioned that we would like the account in both myself and my husband's name. I gave her my SS # when she asked for it and she told me that my SS # "didn't match my husband's" WAIT... WHAT? Of course my Social Security number doesn't "MATCH" my huband's number... we are not the same person. Is she really that stupid? Well apparently so because she refused to go any further with the order and told me I had to "start my order over" because of this "mis-match". It's hard to immagine someone that DUMB. She promptly pushed me to the very start with the automated phone teller that answers when you first call in! Then their system hung up on me! Really? I mean REALLY? By that point I had wasted over an hour of my time and had to start from scratch!

After banging my head on the desk for a while and calming myself so I wouldn't stab someone with sharp objects... I went ahead and called back. This time I put the entire order under MY NAME since apparently putting 2 people on the order was too much hard work for these imbiciles! I made it VERY clear during the order what I wanted, they even confirmed back to me that I was A: Bringing my own modem and B: gave me a brand new order number for their DSL Max Elite 6mb. They told me that they didn't need to access our new apartment to set it up (The first lady I spoke to about the previous order said we did need to let them in for some dumb reason). I told them flat out I wanted a self-install kit and I had my own equipment. Simple right? Not for these asshats.

I got a confirmation text on my phone with the order number and a link to check my order status. The next week day (All of the previous took place on Thurs-Friday) so on Monday I went to try to check the order status and their system kept saying it was an invalid order number.

So I wasted another HOUR lunchtime talking to these retards. I called and the lady today was rather rude, I asked for the status of my order and asked her what my REAL order number was since they already gave me 2 FAKE order numbers. She told me they shipped the modem and to expect it by Wednesday. WHAT?!?! What MODEM, I didn't ORDER A MODEM! She actually told me: "What did you expect in a self-install kit?" I told her NOT A DAMN MODEM and I did not authorize them to send me one and I would NOT PAY FOR ONE either (They charge a lot for their crap ass equipment). She told me to ship it back with the shipping label that will come in the box... um ok... what about my self-install kit since I have my own equipment? Well obviously she was an idiot. I asked for a tracking number and she dumped me over to someone else.

The next lady I talked to actually was a bit nicer and told me the other woman was INCORRECT in telling me "What did you expect in a self-install kit" and told me she would ship out the CORRECT SELF-INSTALL kit right away for me, but I still have to send their modem back that they will CHARGE me for! I told her i'm not paying a cent for it since I did not order it. She said I should have the correct kit by Wednesday... so I guess we'll wait and see.. I asked her for a real working order number and she gave me a completely different one than the last lady! Now I have 4 non-working order numbers and hopefully 1 working one? WTF? Did everyone at AT&T fall on their heads?

I asked to be compensated and the 2nd lady I spoke to AGREED that I should and since they didn't issue a bill yet that they would mark it on my account for my 1st bill. She transferred me to billing and about a minute into explaining what the previous lady had told me the guy HUNG UP ON ME! SERIOUSLY!! What is wrong with these people? That really is the last straw for me, I do not want to call these asshats ever again.

I.m sure they will screw up pleanty more! I haven't even turned on my SERVICE YET and they have completely HOSED UP EVERY STEP OF THE PROCESS! It's UNBELIEVABLE how one company can screw up this much stuff. Both me and my husband are livid and i'm ready to present my evidence to the Attorney General of Wisconsin and maybe get a lawyer involved.

I emailed their CEO and one of their customer service emails I found online... no response of course! They could CARE LESS ABOUT NEW CUSTOMERS!


I will be filing reports on RIPOFFREPORT.COM and several other fraud sites and posting links here shortly!

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